Achievements & Awards

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Achievements & Awards

Our employees’ achievements are the highest accolades that we can receive.

While our work is rewarding, we are always honoured to receive recognition for our commitment towards patient-centred excellence. We are pleased to share the achievements we have won thus far.

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Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2021

NKF Heroes Award:

Angie Chua
Harold Yu
Khairunnisa Nordin
Pan Mei Yu
Xu Chun

Nurses’ Merit Award 2020

Pan Mei Yu
Saritha Kattadichira Mani


Charity Council

– Charity Transparency Award

NKF was a recipient of the Charity Transparency Award from the Charity Council, which recognises charities with good disclosure practices. With the evolution and continued growth in the non-profit sector, NKF remains committed to excellence in corporate governance and will continue to take proactive steps to enhance NKF’s overall governance, risk management, accountability, transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Healthcare Humanity Awards 2019

Chen Zhenjing Jasmine (Caregiver Category)
Chan Joseph (Volunteer Category)
Teo Hwee Choo (Caregiver Category)
Rokiah Binte Atnen (Caregiver Category)
Lai Siew Fung (ILTC Category)

Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2019

Best Team Award – ILTC Clinical Practice Improvement
Nursing Infection Control Task Force

Best Team Award – ILTC Service Initiative Improvement
Transport Task Force

Nurses’ Merit Award 2019

Kumaresan Shanmugapriya
Aguilar Abarientos Alma

Charity Council

– Special Commendation Award for Clarity of Strategy
– Charity Transparency Award

These awards are a testament of our efforts in strategic planning for the future and practising good corporate governance.

Singapore HR Awards

Leading HR Practices (Special Mention)
– Corporate Social Responsibility

Leading HR Practices
– Employment Engagement, Alignment and Workplace Harmony

Nurses’ Merit Award 2018

Cui Jiao
Su Xiaoping

Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2018

Best Team Merit Award – ILTC Service Initiative Improvement
NKF PD Community Support Team

9 Silver
1 Gold

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The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is deeply committed to journeying with patients every step of the way in their treatment and rehabilitative care, advocating kidney health to prevent kidney failure and making a difference in the renal landscape, to benefit the community.

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