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We have 8 health talk topics below for you and your community/colleagues to choose from.

General Talk

What will Damage your Kidneys?
With kidney failure showing no early warning signs and symptoms, how will you know whether your kidneys are damaged?

Understand the 2 leading causes of kidney failure – diabetes and hypertension, debunk myths, learn the facts and severity of kidney failure and what actions you should take to improve your lifestyle.

Nutrition Talks

Healthy Portions for Healthy Kidneys
How does your eating habits have an effect on your kidneys?

Understand the healthy plate concept and dispel diet myths while gaining tips on how to manage your diet effectively.

Chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension can be prevented through healthy eating. Eating healthily can be easy and fun!

Say No to Sugar
Will eating too much sugar lead to kidney disease?

Join us as we reveal the truth of how excessive sugar intake may affect kidney health, debunk common sugar myths and identify hidden sugar in foods.

Useful tips to swap your sugary drinks with better choices will also be shared!

Keep Salt Away
How does a high sodium diet affect your kidneys?

Learn the differences between salt and sodium, understand the effects of excessive sodium intake and identify hidden sodium in food.

Take home tips on how to enhance flavour by using natural ingredients and how to reduce sodium intake when dining out.

Why Fat Matters
How does the different types of fats affect your risk of getting kidney disease?

Understand the importance of fat to your body and learn about the different types of fats and their effects to kidney health.

Eating right can help to reduce the risk of kidney disease.

Exercise Talks

Health is Wealth
How to kick-start a wholesome and active lifestyle?

Focusing on the benefits of flexibility, strengthening and cardiovascular fitness, you will understand the importance of incorporating these 3 exercise components to your exercise routine for a wholesome workout.

10 Minutes to Move it
How can you exercise more at work?

Find out what simple stationary exercises can be done to relieve discomforts associated with prolonged sitting and poor posture that can be caused by deskbound jobs.

The exercises will comprise of low impact, low intensity stationary stretching and strengthening elements that can be completed in just 10 minutes.

The Art of Strength
How can you improve your muscular strength and endurance?

Learn the importance of building muscular strength and endurance to maintain optimal functional capacity.

These strengthening exercises will be of low impact moderate intensity, focusing on the major muscle groups in the body.

Fall Prevention
How can you lower your risk of falling?

Reducing the risk of falling can be achieved through lifestyle changes and exercise.
This session highlights the effects of ageing on the body and consequences of falls, as well as demonstrating lower body strengthening exercises for fall prevention.

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