Catering Meal & Eating Out Checklist

Establish Your Budget
  • If you have ample budget, you can have 2 menus, one for haemodialysis patients and another for healthy individuals
Healthy Menu Preference
  • Check if the caterers provide healthy menu (lower in total fat,
    saturated fat, sodium, and sugar)
Low Sodium
  • Ask for low salt (sodium) cooking as both dialysis and healthy individuals need low salt diet.
Low Sugar
  • Opt for low sugar dessert like low sugar cake or mini cake, custard, or muffin
Fluid Control
  • Serve the beverages with small cup (100-150ml) can help our dialysis friends control their water intake

  • Plain water is the best option

Phosphate Binder
  • Remember or gently remind your dialysis friends to bring their phosphate binder before attending any function and to take it together with their food

  • Excessive phosphate will cause your body to pull calcium from your bones, hence taking phosphate binder before a meal will help to maintain healthy bones

Low Potassium
  • Serve low potassium fruits and vegetables for haemodialysis patients

  • The consumption of high potassium food will cause irregular heartbeat, weakness and shortness of breath

Low Phosphorous
  • Avoid food high in phosphate such as

    • Chocolate

    • Nuts

    • Milk and dairy products

    • Fish roe

    • Organ meats

    • Dried prawn

    • Dried fish

    • Wholegrains products like brown rice

Dishes & Menu Suggestions

Salad / Vegetables & Fruit
  • Remember to cater low potassium vegetables and/or salad, and low potassium fruit

  • If you have 2 lines of menu for haemodialysis friends and healthy individuals, ask for 2 types of vegetables for healthy individuals if budget allow

  • Put aside the salad sauce, if possible, to reduce the amount of sodium consumption

  • Recommended salad / vegetables and fruit include:
    – Garden Salad (cucumber, tomato, carrot, and lettuce)
    – Coleslaw
    – Fresh fruit is always the best option

  • Order more protein dishes (Entrees) for our dialysis friends as they require more protein

  • More varieties of protein food choices can help to increase their protein intake

  • Choose boneless chicken and fish fillet if possible, as it is easier for elderly with chewing difficulty

  • Put aside the gravy or sauce, if can, to cut down sodium intake

  • Recommended entrees include:

    • Sweet and Sour Chicken

    • Lemon Chicken

    • Pepper Chicken

    • Curry Chicken or curry fish

    • Grilled Chicken/Fish

    • Roasted Chicken

    • Tandoori Chicken

    • Pan Fried fish

    • Satay

    • Beef and Vegetable Skewer

    • Juicy Meatball

    • Black Pepper Beef

Staple Food
  • Serve wholemeal / wholegrain for healthy individuals if you have 2 lines of menu

  • Wholemeal / wholegrain is not suitable for dialysis friends as they are high in phosphate

  • Recommended staple food include:

    • Steamed white rice

    • Fried rice or noodle (without anchovies and dried shrimp)

    • Fried Vegetarian Bee Hoon

Light Snack
  • Choose high protein delicacies to help our dialysis friend increase their protein intake

  • Recommended light snacks include:

    • Steamed Siew Mai

    • Har Kau

    • Chicken roll

    • Chicken tikka

    • Chicken curry puff

  • Choose high protein delicacies to help our dialysis friend increase their protein intake

  • Recommended light snacks include:

    • Small cake or muffin

    • Mini custard puff

    • Vanilla Éclair

    • Kueh Sago

  • Plain water is always the best choice.

  • Do not mix coffee or tea with milk as milk is high in phosphate and not suitable for dialysis friends

  • Recommended beverages include:

    • Black coffee

    • English Tea

    • Chinese Tea

    • Lemonade

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