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Diabetes and hypertension are widely recognised as the main causes of kidney failure. However, one may not fully comprehend how they affect our kidneys. Understanding the risk factors well can empower you to seek timely medical treatments to detect and control these diseases promptly, and protect you from developing irreversible kidney damage and failure.

Leading Cause 1: Diabetes

Risk Factors:

  1. Family history (eg. first-degree relative such as parent, sibling and/or child)
  2. BMI ≥ 23.0 kg/m²
  3. Inactive lifestyle
  4. Pre-existing condition(s) such as hypertension and/or high cholesterol

Watch the interactive video to learn more about the 2 types of diabetes

Leading Cause 2: Hypertension

Risk Factors:

  1. BMI ≥ 23.0 kg/m²
  2. Smoking
  3. High salt diet
  4. Pre-existing condition(s) such as diabetes and high cholesterol

Watch the interactive video to learn more about hypertension

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