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Kidney Health Talks

As part of NKF’s continuous effort to build a holistic programme for schools, community and corporates, we cover a broad range of health topics that not only educate on kidney disease but also for the overall well-being of our health.

For Students (School Assembly Talks)

Our speaker will take your students through an interactive animated talk. Through the quizzes and interactive storyline, the walk allows your students to actively participate as we bring them through the following topics – wonders of our kidneys in our body’s ecosystem, consequences of kidney failure and how we can prevent kidney failure. They’ll be able to better understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and be encouraged to instil healthy habits that will bring them lifelong benefits.


*7:00am onwards


30 minutes

Logistics support (if any)

Projector, laptop, sound system and microphone

Booking Form

For Adults (Organised Groups)

Learn ways to protect your kidneys through a health talk conducted by our Outreach officers.

General Talk

Nutrition & Exercise Health Talks

Specially designed for the busy executive and community, you can now enjoy a wide range of health topics from food & nutrition to exercise sessions – all within your workplace and community!

Click here to view the list of topics offered by us

What will Damage your Kidneys?
With kidney failure showing no early warning signs and symptoms, how will you know whether your kidneys are damaged?

Understand the 2 leading causes of kidney failure – diabetes and hypertension, debunk myths, learn the facts and severity of kidney failure and what actions you should take to improve your lifestyle.


9:00am – 5:00pm


9:00am – 12:00pm
(Excluding public holidays)


60 minutes
(Inclusive Q&A segment)

Required Participation

25 pax
We will not proceed with the tour if it is below the minimum

Logistics support (if any)

Projector, VGA cable and microphone

Booking Form

For enquiries, please email to, or call 1800-KIDNEYS (5436397).

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The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) strives to be an advocate and integrator for kidney health and holistic care for the community by the community. While supporting kidney failure patients with quality dialysis treatment and integrated care, its greater mission lies in preventing or delaying kidney failure through kidney health education with deeper integration into the community and strategic collaborative partnerships.
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