What is Haemodialysis?

Haemodialysis is a way of cleansing the blood of toxins, extra salt and fluids through a dialysis machine. It helps maintain proper chemical balance such as potassium, sodium and chloride and keeps blood pressure under control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start of Dialysis

Before dialysis begins, 2 needles will be inserted into the vascular access, one to remove the blood and the other to return cleansed blood to the body.

The patient is connected (via tubing) to the dialysis machine through a vein in the arm, the blood is pumped from the body to a special filter (dialyser), which is made of tiny capillaries.

During Dialysis

Blood is continuously pumped through the dialyser, where waste products and excess water are removed.

The blood becomes purified when the waste products diffuse from the blood across the membrane of these tiny capillaries in the dialyser. Purified blood is then returned to the patient’s body through larger tubes.


Dialysis Frequency

Haemodialysis is performed thrice a week at the dialysis centre, with each session lasting about 4 hours, depending on the body size and medical condition.

At NKF, patients choose between 2 sessions i.e. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. They can also choose the morning, afternoon or evening timeslot.

NKF Dialysis Centre Locations

As part of our on-going community integration efforts, NKF aims to bring dialysis closer to patients' homes. Currently, NKF has 39 dialysis centres located Singapore.

Thrive On

With their stories of strength, hope and courage, our patients offer inspiration to fellow patients, families, friends, doctors and nurses.

Admission Eligibility & Cost Structure

All applicants will undergo financial assessment through a comprehensive means test.

Eating Right for Dialysis Patients

A well-balanced diet is essential for dialysis patients to stay fit as their kidneys are no longer functioning at its full capacity.

Keeping Fit for Dialysis Patient

Exercise is effective in the management and control of chronic illnesses, and also helps you to de-stress. Learn more about the types and intensity of exercises that are best suited for you.
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