Past RFI

Past RFI

Title Request for Information for the Architectural Consultancy Services to the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) for the Proposed Revamped NKF HQ Building at 81 Kim Keat Road S(328836)
Reference No NKF/PL/2019/003
Posting Date 25 February 2019, Monay
Closing Date & Time Documents are to be submitted at the reception of NKF Headquarter at 81 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328836, by 3.00pm on 11 March 2019 (Monday). Attention To Ms Pauline Leong.

Any documents submitted after the closing date and time will not be considered.
Tender Box No RFI Box A
Additional Info - RFI Notice
- RFI Project Brief
- Annex 1 - Location plan of NKF HQ Building
- Annex 2 - Information About Vendor
- Appendix A - Reply letter for AR Consultant
- Appendix B - Submission Particulars
Title Request for Information – Tender for main contract works for proposed internal partitions and fitting-out works to the National Kidney Foundation’s existing office at level 3 and 4 of NKF centre at no. 81 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328836
Reference No NKF/PL/2018/024
Posting Date 21 December 2018, Friday
Closing Date & Time Two sets of documents shall be submitted By Hand in sealed envelope marked with the above title and reference no. and dropped at the reception of NKF Headquarter at 81 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328836, before 3.00pm on 2 January 2019 (Wednesday). Attention To Ms Pauline Leong.

Any documents submitted after the closing date and time will not be considered.
Additional Info Scope of Work
The National Kidney Foundation invites pre-qualification for Proposed Internal Partitions and Fitting-out Works to The National Kidney Foundation’s Existing Office at Level 3 and Level 4 of NKF Centre at No.81 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328836
  1. Interior fitting out works
  2. Minor Building Works including Toilet Renovation.
  3. System Furniture.
  4. M&E Works. (Sanitary & Plumbing Installation Works, ACMV Installation Works, Fire Protection Installation Works, Electrical Installation Works)
Eligibility Criteria
  1. Registered with the Singapore Building Authority under work-head classification of Construction Workheads CW01 (General Building) with Tendering Limit of C2 (S$1,300,000.00) & above AND Specialist Workheads CR06 (Construction Related) with Tendering Limit of L2 (S$1,300,000.00)
  2. Not debarred from public tenders.
  3. Financially sound.
Document Submission
Two sets of the following documents:
  1. Certificate of BCA Registration
  2. Audited Financial Report (Past 3 Years)
  3. Relevant Project Track Records. (Past 3 Years & Current On-going Projects)
  4. Latest DP Credit Rating Report. (Not more than 12 months from this notice date)
  5. Litigation Records
  6. Supporting Document to prove that company is not debarred from Participate in Public Tender.
- All the expenses incurred to prepare for this pre-qualification exercise shall be borne by the interested parties.
- The National Kidney Foundation reserves the right to select any number of contractors to participate in the tender for this project, without giving any reason or justification for their decision.
Title High Flux Dialyser for Haemodialysis Treatments
Reference No NKF/CL/2015/001
Posting Date 16th February 2015,Monday
Closing Date & Time 25th February 2015, Wednesday, 1500 Hours
Tender Box No RFI Box A
Contact Details
  • Address: 81 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328836
  • Phone: 1800-KIDNEYS (5436397)
  • Email:
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